piezobrush® Handheld device PZ2 incl. Multigas-Nozzle

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Plasma piezobrush® PZ2 incl. Multigas-Nozzle
Innovative surface treatment for the dental office and laboratory
Plasma piezobrush
® PZ2 is used to treat non-metallic material such as Win!® PEEK , PMMA, zircon oxide etc.
This surface technology improves the hydrophilic behavior of non-metallic surfaces. This handheld device is used to generate technical
plasma and to pre-treat different material surfaces before processes such as Win!® PEEK implantation or gluing of crowns, bridges, and Abutments.
A plasma functionalization of the Win!® PEEK implant directly before placement optimizes organic tissue attachment conditions and the healing process.
The germ-reducing effect of the plasma reduces the risk of infection. At the same time the finished surface increases tolerance of the body against
the foreign object, the implant.